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The Big Bang Theory cast in CBS promo.

The Good Wife cast in CBS promo.

“I don’t know if my marriage can survive this.”

The Good Wife returns on Sept. 22nd.

The upcoming season, titled American Horror Story: Freak Show, centers around a freak show in the 1950s run by a German played by Jessica Lange.

"It’s should be really interesting," said Lange. "It’s the end of an era with the Freak Show.”

"It’s set in Florida," said Angela Bassett. “I guess it’s kind of a dying situation. It’s not a circus sort of thing. I guess it’s unique unto itself … [Lange’s character] has gathered these very unique, special individuals from different places and she’s trying to hold this arranged family together.”

First damn it of the season

Not really. Jack said it in the first episode.

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This reunion is such a reward to Jack&Audrey fans for not giving up.

This reunion is such a reward to Jack&Audrey fans for not giving up.

Jack is back.

You ready in 50 days?

The least comedic season of Shameless will compete as “Comedy” in this year’s Emmy Awards.. 

Switching teams like Orange is the new Black

The switch for 2014 might prove particularly fruitful for Shameless‘ leading lady Emmy Rossum, given that 2013 Lead Actress in a Comedy Series nominees Tina Fey (30 Rock) and Laura Dern (Enlightened) are no longer eligible in 2014.